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During the last decade, surfing in the Maldives has attracted many surfers from all over the world. The same swells hitting Indonesia deliver the goods to the Maldives except that the latitude is a little higher and the SE exposure has less energy.

There are three main surfing areas;

  1. The North and South Male Atoll, the surf season runs from April to October during the South-West Monsoons. The bigger swells run from May to August with 2 to 8 ft waves on offer all season.
  2. Central Atoll standard waves are long and clean with size varying between 2 and 8ft as well. During southern hemisphere winter (April-October), it’s pretty much never flat.
  3. Southern Atolls right at the southern point of the Maldives are best for surf from February to April and from September to November, there are always waves in the area but the winds become very strong at other times of the year.

Amazing Waves

The most famous breaks are in North Male Atolls. These long points breaks offer rights and lefts, whether for low intermediates, intermediates or for professional surfers, with waves ranging from 1 to 3 meters. For beginners South Male atoll is better suited

Surf spots can be accessed a number of ways; by surf charter boat, point breaks straight off the resort or by Dhoni transferring surfers from the resorts and camps. Not all surf breaks are accessible from land.

A lot of surfers prefer surf charter boats to access the many different points in the North and South Male’ Atolls. On a boat there are no constraints and surfers can choose among the most famous breaks. But try to insure you surf Cokes, Jailbreaks (Himmafushi), Honky’s, Sultans & Tucky Joes! They are amazing waves!

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Surfing on the Maldives

During the last decade, surfing in the Maldives has attracted many surfers from all over the world. The same swells hitting Indonesia deliver the goods to the Maldives except that the latitude is a little higher and the SE exposure has less energy.

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Eastern reef of North Male Atoll. This long, excellent left-hander has two sections with an enjoyable, thin, peeling, racing lip. Best winds are NW-NNE (offshore). It was named because of the poultry farm on the island and is only accessed by boat.



Also at the eastern reef of North Male Atoll, this wave is a short but intense ride that is perfect for barrels with a steep barrelling take off, then a very shallow inside section that opens up even more than the takeoff. Ideal on a straight south swell and winds NW. Named after the Coca-Cola factory on the island, beautiful view of palm fringed beach from the surf zone. To best experience Cokes, you can stay at our surf camp right on the point of the break itself.



Good and hollow left-hander with two sections. Need big SE swells and high tides to work well. Best during NW-NE offshore winds. This is the break at HudhuranFushi Resort.



North Male Atoll break out the front of Club Med Resort. This slow right-hander is good for beginners and long-boarders. Best on W-NW winds with a moderate S swell. It was named Ninjas due to the Japanese riders that love the break.However can be a serious wave when a big SE swell hits it.



One of the most consistent waves of North Male Atoll off the island of Thanburudhoo which is uninhabited. This is an excellent, long, world-class left-hander. The take-off is a steep outside peak called ‘Phantoms’, which slingshots into a very long, walled, super fast section called the ‘Pinnacles’. Rides are 100 to 150 meters. It is best on high tide with any wind from W to N and is only accessed by boat.



Easy spot located off Thanburudhoo island on the other side of Honkey’s. Excellent and long right-hander that can become very walled and long but only with big swells from the south. One of the most consistent waves of the Male atolls that never closes out, even on large swells. It is best at high tide and with west to north winds.



Jails is actually the break off the island Himmafushi which used to actually have a jail on it. The jail has moved to a new one, but the name stays. This wave is a perfect right-hand reef break with a big wack able wall and fats sections to get a few cover ups. One of the most popular breaks due to the fact it isn’t a heavy wave and is normally a little smaller than its cousin Honkey’s across the channel.


Kandooma Right

is at your doorstep if you’re staying at Kandooma Resort. You could throw a cricket ball on the take off zone from your villa. A fast breaking right with two take off spots, the first an easier option with the second a more critical take off. This wave breaks over relatively shallow reef for 100 meters and provides many barrel opportunities. It is best on a mid tide and is one of the best waves in the Maldives  when 3 to 6ft. It likes a SE swell direction and is offshore in any W win.



This wave is very fast and hollow breaking over relatively shallow coral. It’s “Goofys Paradise” or if you’re fast on the backhand you will love this wave. Breaks for 100 to 150 metres and provides many barrel opportunities. Best with SE swell and NW wind. On transfer you will visit both Foxy’s and Rip Tides, so you get the best of both worlds.



A right hander breaking for 150 meters on a reef in the middle of a channel. Need a transfer to this wave even though it is very close. The wave is aptly named as sometimes very strong currents can sweep you seaward so we always check current conditions before settling in for a session. Great wave for the longboarders and shortboarders as well as low intermediate surfers, providing very carvable walls with the occasional hollow section. Best with S swell and SW wind.


Twin Peaks

Iyaru Faru near the island of Gulhi, an inhabited island, eastern reef of South Male Atoll. Sectiony left & right, which picks up more swell than most of the breaks in South Malé Atoll. Can have a good end section on the left in a big southerly swell. The right is a real mixed bag and rarely delivers the goods. Best in N winds, and the higher the tide, the better.



Gulhigaathuhuraa, uninhabited island attached to Anantara Resort. Eastern Reef of South Male Atoll. The wave has two sections, the outside is a fat, slow and meandering wave perfect for longboarders and even beginners and the inside section is a really nice, fast little right-hander that picks up less swell than most other places but on its day delivers perfect barrels. Best in winds W to NW, named after the resort workers’ quarters on the island.



Boduhuraa, uninhabited island near the Anantara Resort, eastern reef of South Male Atoll. Small short left, best in winds NW to N. This wave is a fickle one, but with the right conditions is a very fun option.


Tucky Joes / Boatyards

Considered by those “in the know”, to be the best break in the Maldives on it’s day. The take off can be steep and a very fast reaction is required to set up for the freight train ahead. Up to 200 mtrs long it offers many barrel opportunities, sometimes linking to offer long intense rides out of the sun. On a perfect day you will get 3 barrel sections with the best being the last if you have the guts to take it on. The reef is shallow and low tide can stop play. Prefers light NW wind and SE swell. Not for the faint hearted on a big day.


  • May-October
  • March, April and November

North Male

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My wife and I started diving in 2002 when the kids were out of the house and we could concentrate on ourselves. We have just competed our 1500 + dive and our 14th live aboard. We did our first two trip back to back on the Carpe Vita in 2013 and again this past October. 20 days of diving our brains out.

We fell in love with the whole operation. The Carpe Vita itself is spacious, ultra clean, and well designed. The food is plentiful, healthy, and a great combination of East Indian and European delights. The chef was wonderfully accommodating to food allergies with a great selection of veggies, meats, and deserts.

The staff was the best we have ever experienced on a live aboard. The dive guides were all locals and knew the dive sights throughly. They were from the old school of safety first. The ship staff was accommodating and friendly. The office staff took care of all our needs without hesitation. Our group was half photographers and half not, so they divided us up so that everyone would get a chance to see the underwater sights without having to wait for the picture takers. The dhonys are slow but spacious with a built in toilet and shower available before and after each dive before getting back on the main boat. You set up your gear on the first dive and never have to adjust them again. I have issues with my back, and the crew helped me by lifting my gear out of the water after each dive.

If you are thinking about the Maldives, do yourself a favor and check out the Carpe Vita.

Phil & Patricia Tobin (Oct. 2015)US

Just came back from a 7-day live-aboard and can’t find a thing to fault. Organisation, accommodation, equipment, food and the boat itself were all first rate. Similarly, the dive leaders were all highly skilled and experienced, and knew their dive sites intimately to bring us excellent diving wherever and whenever we went. Finally, the on-board crew couldn’t have looked after us better. Highly recommended.

M. Barry (Oct. 2015)UK

This is one of the best holidays I have ever had and a brilliant way to spend Christmas. The crew and dive masters/instructors were very experienced, cabins were lovely with lots of hot water, food was in abundance with an excellent chef. Absolutely amazing and highly recommended. I will be back!!!

S. Chan (Dec. 2015)Singapore

A huge thank you to Agnes and Lars and crew of the Carpe vita. A special extra thank you to Rob for his efficiency and expertise in providing the ideal surf adventure. Thanks Guys.

R. Mills (Aug. 2015)Australia

First trip to Maldives, first live aboard & first diving… Such a great experience!! Something to remember and repeat wink emoticon
Thanks to the crew for the excellent service

H. Lu (Oct. 2015)Spain

Ich kann es in Deutsch besser ausdrücken,auch wenn es dann nicht alle verstehen-Sorry-aber ein Wort versteht jeder:SUPER!!!
Der Trip mit der Carpe Vita war ein Traum und die Crew könnte besser nicht sein.Wie drücken wir unsere Zufriedenheit am Besten aus…?Noch an Bord haben wir bei Agnes die Südtour im Februar 2016 gebucht.”Mehr geht nicht”!

F. Althans (Apr. 2015)Germany

Greetings to members of the “Operation Proposal & Tie’em Up Cruise”.

What a great adenture we shared aboard that dream boat Carpe Vita!
First of all, THANK YOU to the amazing Carpe Vita staff and crew who kept us safe, well fed, pampered and happy throughout our adventure.  I guess all the returning bookings and referrals speak for themselves, YOU ALL ROCK.
Secondly, thank you to all you divers and ocean enthusiast for making this trip a great adventure for Keith and I. This was certainly a cruise to remember with a romantic underwater proposal, threats of bondage, nightly drinking sessions, inappropriate-but-fun bell ringing, suicidal fish, dinner time feasts, Shark whispering, manta caressing…. and all around fantastic companionship.
Also… I can confidently say that this was the first time the Swiss have taken over any sovereign entity (the boat) and they didn’t even bring chocolate! Really?!
As promised (but a bit delayed) here is the shortened (still 22 min!!) video of our Maldives andevnture, it has some people pix but not all. Hope you enjoy reliving the beautiful time we shared.
Keith and Nassim (Jan. 2016)US

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