MANTA TRIP II (7 nights)

Atolls: North Male – Baa – Raa – Rasdhoo – Ari - South Male
( 7 nights)
Saturday: Male. Guests board vessel around 1 pm or 3 pm; welcome briefing, documents; check out dive.

Sunday: North Male, 3 dives, cross Baa atoll 5hrs. Night spent anchored.

Monday: 2 dives in Baa, cross Raa atoll 1hr 30min, 1 dive in raa. Night spent anchored. Depending on Hanifaru manta activity, plan might change

Tuesday: 1 dive in Raa, cross back to baa, 2 dive in Baa. Cross n.ari 5hrs. Night spend anchored

Wednesday: 2 dives in North Ari , 1 dive in South Ari. Night spent anchored.

Thursday: Whale shark day, Night spent anchored

Friday: 1 Dives depending on where we are. Long cruise from South Ari to North Male 6 to 7hrs

Saturday: Depart the vessel latest by 8 am. Due to the necessity of readying the vessel for our next cruise, we must strictly enforce this early departure.