Dive where the wild things are, go tech-free and enjoy the wellness benefits of a week in the Maldives with Carpe Diem Cruises

If you’ve been watching or hearing about the recent BBC Blue Planet 2 series, you’ll need little convincing that diving brings ultimate happiness. The variety and spectrum of colours in the wildlife beneath the water’s surfaces is both mesmerizing and incredible.

With zero connectivity and no smart phones to distract your focus, a dive beneath the surface into a tech-dead zone is full of natural inspiration. Simultaneously, it provides an abundance of wellness benefits. If you find yourself twitching as the inbox starts to fill, the phone rings or staring at a computer 12 hours a day, the doctor may well advise you to take a trip to the underwater world.

Agnes van Linden, Assistant Managing Director of Carpe Diem Maldives says, “You can dive the same site 5 times, and you’ll have 5 completely different experiences. One time you’ll spend 5 minutes with a turtle, the next an eagle ray cruises by, then a moray eel stretches out and opens its jaws with a beady-eyed look in your direction. The underwater world never fails to inspire and always delivers something magical.”

Turtle and diver with Carpe Diem MaldivesDiving whenever she get’s the chance: Agnes van Linden, Assistant Managing Director of Carpe Diem Maldives

In addition to the encounters with an underwater world we still have so much to discover and learn about, there are an abundance of wellness benefits that come with a week of diving.

  • Physical fitness and strength: Diving can help tone your different muscle areas, particularly the thighs and shoulders, consequently giving you better posture. Exerting little to no strain on our joints, diving also provides both a cardiovascular workout and a muscular workout as you move against the resistance of the current and the water itself. This strengthens the your muscles, develops your flexibility and raises your endurance levels, all without the aid of a fitness app!
  • Exhale: The soothing sight of bubbles rising, the tingling feeling of swimming through bubbles and the sound of the air tank in harmony with your slow breathing promote calmness and tranquillity. Deep breathing is important in scuba diving to optimize air consumption and increase your time underwater.
  • Zen time: If you’ve tried meditation, you’ll know breathing slowly and deeply while diving induces a relaxed state while the diver focuses on the underwater environment rather than thinking about work and daily challenges. It’s an instant stress reducing therapy that balances the nervous system.
  • Community: By sharing that common interest in the underwater world, on a dive liveaboard week you’ll naturally meet other like-minded people. Between dives and over shared meals, wonderful memories of your experience create a sense of community with newly formed friendships that share your excitement, and it’s not through social media!
  • Rays of light: When the average temperature is 87 degrees Fahrenheit, in The Maldives you can soak up the vitamin D at any time of the year. The sun’s rays promote the absorption of calcium in the body, which then provides strength to the bones and increases endorphin production in the brain, and in turn contributes to a healthy nervous system. As if you needed another reason to travel somewhere warm.
  • Soul enriching: When diving abroad, you are likely to meet adventurous and interesting people from all over the world. Travel is synonymous with education and most people on a dive week are eager to broaden and share their knowledge while experiencing new or familiar dive sites.

Join a regular dive week on Carpe Diem Cruises or upgrade your experience to dive where the wild things are on a marine expedition. Rescue a Reef: Crown of Thorns Starfish Removal with Coral Reef CPR, May 19 – May 26.

Carpe Diem Maldives, in partnership with Coral Reef CPR, has removed over 10,600 Crown of Thorns Starfish from reefs in the Maldives since 2015. On this “Rescue a Reef” expedition, divers take a hands-on role in eliminating the starfish from badly infested reefs. Assisting the Coral Reef CPR scientists in collecting valuable data on the behaviors of the starfish and their genetic make-up, this will help us understand why the outbreaks occur, where they originate from and what we can do to prevent a recurrence. All the while, divers enjoy the beauty of the Maldivian marine life and save thousands of hectares of coral reef.

Coral Reef CPR conducting surveys in the maldives

Priced from USD 1,863 per person for the week, the marine expeditions include:

  • 7 nights aboard Carpe Novo
  • 3 meals daily, plus between-dive snacks
  • 3 to 4 dives daily (except for on day of arrival and day before departure)
  • Use of tanks, weights and belts
  • Drinking water, tea and coffee
  • Airport transfers on the days of embarkation/disembarkation
  • Evening workshops on marine ecology, coral reef, marine life and more
  • On-board marine biologists
  • GST 12%

For bookings and further information email us at info@carpediemmaldives.com


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