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Liveaboard scuba diving Carpe Diem

The Carpe Diem is the first boat we started operating in 2008. The Carpe Diem was built in the Maldives fully out of wood. The boat has 10 cabins divided over 3 decks and can cater for a maximum of 20 people. The boat is accompanied by a diving dhoni (tender) and a small speedboat (dingy). The Carpe Diem caters for scuba diving, surfing and fishing trips or tailor made cruises for exclusive groups.

The Carpe Diem will provide standard 3 dives a day on her trips.

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Liveaboard scuba diving Carpe Vita

The Carpe Vita meaning “Seize Life” is the upgraded sistership of the Carpe Diem and was built in the Maldives as well as the Carpe Diem. The Carpe Vita started operations in 2011. The Carpe Vita is bigger than the Carpe Diem, but still catering for a maximum of 20 people with 10 cabins divided over 3 decks thus providing more space.

The Carpe Vita provides standard 4 dives a day on her trips.

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Agnes 5

Our newest boat the Carpe Novo, started operations in March 2016. She was built in the same boat yard as where the Carpe Diem and Carpe Vita were built. The Carpe Novo is slightly bigger than the Carpe Vita, catering for a maximum of 21 people in 11 cabins divided over 3 decks.

The Carpe Novo provides standard 3 dives a day on her trips.

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Liveaboard Scuba Diving on the Maldives

We are taking care of your perfect relaxing holiday

We know where to take you

Years of experience and geographical knowledge bring you to the best diving spots in the Maldives

3 vessels

enjoy a comfortable stay

10 routes

Everything you want to see

300 + dive sites

Diversive habitats

21 atolls

Experience different atolls

32 cabins

Luxury cabins aboard

Selection of 10 itineraries

Please note that the itineraries are examples only, and will change depending on weather and logistics at the Captain’s discretion.

The itineraries are determined by the atolls we intend to visit. We do not provide detailed dive site itineraries as we
leave it up to the dive team to select the best dive sites within the outlined atolls.


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